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Monday, October 14, 2013

I'm back home!

I'm so incredibly happy to be home!! I'm able to go to my old gym and clime Pinnacle mountain again. I'm loving it all! I'm seeing old friends and trying to make some new ones. One of my favorite things do to around here is scout for new models.  I plan on trying to find many and even bought an HD camera and wanna work on my camera skills here at home and maybe start doing a couple films on my own. Got some time on my hands so why not? 

I have also decided to join the sisters of perpetual indulgence. The Arkansas branch is just getting started and we are going to be known as the diamond state sisters. I've also starting working with local drag talent, Chichi Valdez. She is really awesome and I live working with her so much!! Definitely at new friend. 

Along with this, I'm also hearing a lot of stories of guys my age or younger dying early. The stories behind these deaths are stupid. I do know there are worse stories out there, but these still bother me because they're at home and could have been so preventable. 

The first of these stories is the oldest. About 5 years go, an acquaintance, Joey, had died in a car accident. He, from what I was told, had mixed multiple bars of Xanax and drank a bunch of beer and went out driving. He wasn't even 20.

I was told a story from 6 months or so ago in which a high school football player from somewhere north of me hung himself during erotic asphyxiation. It happens, but one wouldn't expect someone that young to do it. There's precautions to every fetish, in which in some cases can lead to death if not taken.

Most recent was a guy I went to school with, Sam. He died last week because the girl he was cheating on his wife with grabbed the wheel of his car. He wrecked and the steering wheel crushed his chest. She had the nerve to go to his funeral. He was 25.

My last story involves a 17 year old who I worked with today at Taco Bell named Nathan. Yes, I'm working there for some extra financial security till my next shoot comes along. Anyway, the entire time he was there, he walked around with heavy weights on his shoulders. He's really small and so cute. He didn't quite finish high school and I fear he's on a path of depression and self hate and destruction. Or maybe just not caring. He turns 18 in December. He stayed quiet and kept his head down. It's not even the fact that he's cute that makes me want to get closer to him. Something is telling me to help this boy. Something is telling me to care for him . Something about him breaks my heart. 

All of these deaths were the result of lacking one thing, discipline. The boy up north from me (never got a name) simply needed somebody to show him the correct precautions to or had somebody with which to share such a dangerous fetish. When caught cheating, Sam's wife could possibly have used pain, in bdsm form, to make him sorry. I'm a bit ashamed to say, but I don't have too much room to speak there. I wasn't the best boyfriend to a wonderful and deserving man and will take this chance to make it known to the world that I'm sorry. I'm a better person than that. And as for guys like Joey, I'd rather have them worried about their next porn scene than their next high or buzz. 

Like I said earlier, I got my own HD camera. And I ditto the last thing I said about Joey and guys like him. I want to give them more to look forward to. For people who need fetish discipline here, I've got the perfect guys to teach them everything they need to know. Once done properly, I would love to capture it. I would love to start capturing a lot of my own content. I would like to do this in order to keep guys and girls busy and something more exciting to look forward to. Looking forward to become models for this art form. 

I would like to start raising some funds to help out with Sam's family. I would also like to raise some funds to help Nathan, Who is the guy that I work with at Taco Bell that walks around with the weight of the world on his shoulders. I cannot stand to see someone who is so young and so full of potential just walk around with such little hope for his life.

 It is not my obligation to help these people that I barely know but it would still mean a lot to me if I could do something for them. Please help me show condolences for the grieving family of Sam Kitchell. And also please help me to help other kids and young men and women my age, possibly younger, have hope of something in life that they could surely look forward to more than their next high. All I'm asking for is just a dollar or two from each of my Twitter followers. That alone would help so much with a grieving family or a hopeless young teen. Anything that is left over after helping these young women and men and this family get on the right track will go to the Arkansas AIDS foundation. 

For the young men and women that I am trying to support, your money will simply go towards supplements and proteins from GNC that they can use to help really Kickstart their fitness goals, as well as a gym membership. Some of your funds may also go towards being able to pay those who agreed to allow me to shoot them and be my models for whatever work I have coming up. They will also go towards paying someone to edit the videos that I shoot, as well as any fees for getting the website up and running. But the first and foremost importances are Sam's family and the people that I am trying to help have a new hope their lives. 

So if you choose to donate please send the money to my PayPal accounts. My email address is One dollar is all that I ask from each of you. So if you feel this is a cause to believe in, please donate. You could be helping a family. You could be helping a teen or young adult get a second wind when they've lost hope. And you will be helping Arkansas AIDS foundation.

Thank you so much for reading this and I pray you help us out here in the diamond state.

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