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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Deal With The Dick

There are many times when I hook up or work with somebody new and I get the same reaction from them every time I'm on my back taking it and they're looking down and see the marks on the head of my dick.  I get the look of "What's wrong with your dick? Did you get a hand job from Freddy Kruger?"  Well here's the little story behind the marks.

When I was born, my hole was in the wrong spot.  The condition is called Hypospadias.  My urethra had to be redirected to come out the top of my dick and then my dick stapled shut to heal.  The doctors made me be able to pee and cum correct and that's all that matters... Still would've been nice to look right, but that's not something I can really help now.  Recovery was awful.  I remember running to the bathroom every few minutes feeling as though I needed to go but it was like pissing fire.  I was surprised to find out how common this actually is, but I don't really see many, if any of them doing porn.

So because of this, I try to be cautious in my personal life and on set.  Though I may have times of impairment (I love Long Island Iced Teas) causing this honey badger to not give a shit (HA!), I'm very picky on my partner being clean because now I have two holes that go down in my dick making me having to be careful a little more than other sex workers...  Or just be the good little bottom bitch that I love to be!

In conclusion, this has probably been one of the biggest things for me to be self conscious about, when it comes to being on camera.  The looks and the questions are really fucking embarrassing, but push past it and still do my job and am thankful that it hasn't affected me or my job.  So I hope that this has given you some insight when you see close up pictures of my dick.

For more information on hypospadias, click this link!