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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Total Exposure 1

This summer was an amazing time for shooting! The biggest shoot was Raging Stallion's Total Exposure1. This was shot out on a ranch that had some ancient ruins, fantastic view of the stars, and an amazing host who was so kind to let us shoot on his ranch. 
This scene was particularly fun, getting to work with my buddy, Austin. Tall... Very tall, dark and handsome, and oh those eyes! Luv this guy and it shows in this scene. Nothing like being man handled by this Herculean looking stud!

To see this movie, follow the link and use promo code BONDS50 for half off.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Me Barebacking is no secret to the world!

Ok so my home BB videos have seem to turn some heads. They've brought some negative attention and some positive. I can't speak for anybody else involved, but I quit being a condom advocate a while ago. And guess what, it's no secret! 

I can't tell you how many times in the past year or two I joke (but really am being serious) with my friends about how many loads we are going to try and take. For a while, even my Twitter profile hinted it all. Plus there's the fact that I have a BBRT account, which shows right there. So why is everybody really surprised to know I bareback? And the first video was up over a month ago, where were the haters then?!

As far as business is concerned. It's true that I'm exclusive for a safe studio and putting my own home videos without using condoms may be slightly frowned upon, despite advances in modern medicine proving that as long as all medications are taken properly, bareback is just as safe, or safer, than condom sex. Should I be asked to remove the remaining videos by my studio or participants and let this blow over, I will. But I won't remove them just because people are talking crap saying how wrong me barebacking is.

In conclusion, when people tell me to "stay the same" and they "wouldn't change a thing," After 5 years, I become a bit predictable. Weren't expecting that one were you? And I do have a plan for where all this is going. Do I have to tell now? No. 

Thursday, June 18, 2015


Down in the military warehouse, Brian Bonds and Christian Lesage are eager to have some hot sloppy fun. Beautiful Brian drops to his knees to give Christian a sopping hummer. Things heat up when Christian bends over to let Brian eat his tight piggy hole. Unable to bare the urge anymore, Brian puts Christian on all fours preparing to handball his sweet ass. At first, its just a few fingers sliding in and out of Christians hole until Brian sticks his entire hand inside and punch fists his gaping hole. Christian moans while Brian reaches in and out of his ass then pulling out to flaunt the perfect rosebud for Brian to lick. Christian hasn't had enough yet so he lies on his back, legs in the air to let Brian dig deep into his bum and lick his sack. When Christian has had enough of having his own hole stretched, he shoves his fist up Brian's juicy ass pulsating in and out while he gives him a proper knob polish. Brian oozes his solid load onto Christian's fist, then feeds it to him, while Christian inserts his cum cover hand back into Brian's back door. Christian sits back and lets Brian twist and pinch his bushy nipples before expelling his cream onto his stomach.

This scene stars Christian Lesage and I. He was a lot of fun to work with and his accent was just adorable! And no I don't remember where it's from, just the feeling I got when I heard it was like a little tingle in my undercarriage! 

I love doing my fisting scenes, especially when they're with other good players in the particular fetish. Christian is a great fisting player. He has an amazing hole that produces a rosebud that I couldn't resist getting a taste of! In fact, I was able to actually suck it a little bit. Love licking and sucking me a good rosebud! And as many of you know, we can't breed each other, but there ain't nothing wrong with breeding myself, which I have been loving to do in some of my more recent scenes. I'm a cum whore, even if it's my own.
This is the movie cover. It contains a scene with my good friend, Armond Rizzo, that will later come out. So stay tuned for that one!
Look! I can top too! Lol!

To watch this scene, follow the link using promo code BONDS50 for half off! And follow the links to the side to go to my model pages and use the same code for any Raging Stallion, Falcon, Hot House, Club Inferno Dungeon to join or stream at half off!

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Grabbys and IML Recap

Let me first of all say that this award season has been pretty damn amazing.  I've taken home 3 different awards, 1 Raven's Eden for best DP bottom, 1 Hookie for fetish escort of the year, and 1 Grabby that I share with my fellow Guard Patrol stars.  All of which I am so thankful for. I'm not usually great with on the spot speeches because I know I left a lot of people out.

The Raven's Eden award was all about the fans voting. Thank you so much everyone who  voted for me in that category! Thank you Raging Stallion for giving me the scenes which brought me this award!  I must also thank the owners of the R.E.A! We need to get together soon!

For the Hookie award, I want to start off thanking Rentboy for being such an amazing site to advertise on. I love you Sean and Coco and everybody who works up there! Raise a glass and cheers to another 5 years, as long as I got it in me!... Giggity! I sure as fuck wouldn't have gotten nominated at all, had it not been for the clients!  I hate using that word when addressing you directly, but I don't know what else to say. And thank you so much to those who voted for me. Also, over the years, I've gain so much knowledge about escorting from my porn family, Howard and the Fabscout gang, Ryan for being an example of how to fucking rock it, Boomer, Eli, David, Rocco, Austin, JP for teaching me how to be efficient and safe. And I do have to thank Jason for bringing me into this whole world. You got me started and taught me a lot in those first 3 months... We may have wanted to strangle each other by the end, if it wasn't just one sided, but the truth is that you taught me the basics of escorting and you really did save me that year. Next, I gotta thank my family for bringing out the kinky little fucker in me. And I must thank Tony Buff and Leo Forte for giving that little fucker meaning.

For the Grabby, I want to thank Raging Stallion for having me be the bottom for the amazing guys. Thank you Bruno Bond for directing this so well! It was amazing working with you on this project and I hope to have you direct me in more groups/gangbangs soon... I mean a 1-on-1 is good too. I gotta thank Howard Andrew and the Fabscout gang for carrying me all these years and helping me know the industry inside and out.  I wouldn't have made it this far if it weren't for you being my agent.

Finally, I want to say a big, special thank you and congrats to my newest best friend in this crazy industry, David Benjamin. I'm so glad we've got to know each other this year. You and I have always kept it 100% real with each other. No matter if it is advice on how to deal with a situation, telling each other to calm down and stop queening out (mostly me to you lol ;P), to sharing deep and personal moments and thoughts. I'm blessed to have you in my life and I love you so, so much! You've done an amazing job this year and took yourself home a grabby for best newcomer!

If you'd like to see my Raging Stallion profile click here and Join Raging Stallion using promo code BONDS50 for half off!

As for IML! OMG was that fun! Though the Congress Plaza Hotel sucked a lot of ass, I sucked a lot of cock!... Took a lot of it too!  I always love IML. The smell of the leather and sex in the air! I love all the new products that come out to see and try! Mr. S Leather had an amazing booth this year, as did many others! Then the hotel was turned into a giant cruise fest. LOVED IT!!!

 I had the best roommates. Not sure if they want their names out there but their twitter handle is BB_Couple. You guys rock! And it was amazing running into so many of my friends in the hotel! Bryan Cole.... no words to describe your sexiness but all I know is I wanna have your babies! MMMMMM breed me till the cows come home! I'm not usually one for taking a fuck ton of pics, but I did get some of Boomer Banks dancing at the victory party at House of Blues!
Now for PICS!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Steamworks live show after Grabby Awards!

So if you're a fan of Steamworks Baths in Chicago and a fan of Guard Patrol, you can catch me with David Benjamin and Rocco Steele back together for a live sex show after the Grabby Awards.
Brian Bonds, David Benjamin, Rocco Steele live at Steamworks Bath House. 
When: Saturday, May 23/Sunday, May 24
Time: 1:00am
Where: Steamworks Baths Chicago 3246 N Halsted 
And speaking of the Grabbys, Guard Patrol is up for best group scene. I, myself, am up for Best Versatile Performer and Best Manly Man! Wish me and the scene luck this year!!

Follow us all on Twitter @BrianBondsXXX @DavidBenjaminx @RoccoSteeleXXX  @TheMitchVaughn and @SteamworksCHI 

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Ass of Steel

You know when you have met, made out with and have had some serious sexual tension between two people that's been building up for a bit?  Dylan Strokes and I so had that in the first scene of Club Inferno Dungeon's Ass of Steel.  Click the pics for a preview and click here to use BONDS50 for a half off viewing!

Featuring: Brian Bonds, Dylan Strokes

Containing: Fisting, Oral Sex, Bondage, Uncut, Tattoos, Cumshot, Jockstrap

How it goes: Sexy Southern cock whore and super pig Brian Bonds is excited by huge dicked, bearded and smooth bodied Dylan Strokes, has his meat hanging out of his leather jock strap. Skipping the foreplay, they make out for only moments before Brian is on Dylan's cock. As loads of spit a globs of saliva stream down Dylan's cock, he starts to toy with Brian's ass smacking it and fingering it. Brian urges Dylan to eat his ass hard and wet and get it ready for Dylan's fist. It's not long before Dylan gloves and lubes up and starts by adding digit by digit until his full hand is in. Brian is a pro fisting bottom to rival all fisting bottoms, and his ass quickly accepts Dylan's entire fist, and Brian pushes his hungry hole back on both Dylan's hands. The deep strokes have Brian hard as a rock and on his back. Dylan's standing, stroking himself with one hand and with the other firmly planted in Brian's hot greedy center. Dylan bends over to blow Brian while he fists his hole with rapid jabs until Brian spurts multiple streams of cum that send Dylan over the edge, spraying a load right at the camera.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Deal With The Dick

There are many times when I hook up or work with somebody new and I get the same reaction from them every time I'm on my back taking it and they're looking down and see the marks on the head of my dick.  I get the look of "What's wrong with your dick? Did you get a hand job from Freddy Kruger?"  Well here's the little story behind the marks.

When I was born, my hole was in the wrong spot.  The condition is called Hypospadias.  My urethra had to be redirected to come out the top of my dick and then my dick stapled shut to heal.  The doctors made me be able to pee and cum correct and that's all that matters... Still would've been nice to look right, but that's not something I can really help now.  Recovery was awful.  I remember running to the bathroom every few minutes feeling as though I needed to go but it was like pissing fire.  I was surprised to find out how common this actually is, but I don't really see many, if any of them doing porn.

So because of this, I try to be cautious in my personal life and on set.  Though I may have times of impairment (I love Long Island Iced Teas) causing this honey badger to not give a shit (HA!), I'm very picky on my partner being clean because now I have two holes that go down in my dick making me having to be careful a little more than other sex workers...  Or just be the good little bottom bitch that I love to be!

In conclusion, this has probably been one of the biggest things for me to be self conscious about, when it comes to being on camera.  The looks and the questions are really fucking embarrassing, but push past it and still do my job and am thankful that it hasn't affected me or my job.  So I hope that this has given you some insight when you see close up pictures of my dick.

For more information on hypospadias, click this link!