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Thursday, June 23, 2011

My plans for home

OMG! I've got 2 weeks left till I go home. However, I've got to make sure I can make these next two weeks as profitable as all possible.  I'm behind on my car and water payments and my rent is coming up.  I'm soooooo ready to be home though. Not that I don't love traveling with Jason, but 2 months of being away from home is a bit much. As long as I get my payments made, I got me a nice little schedule for being at home.

Really, It's gonna be the same thing every day. I'll get up, make my breakfast of a veggie omelet made with egg whites and a bowl of oatmeal mixed with banana or pear gerber baby food.

After that I'll go do HIIT on the treadmill for about 5-6 intervals and then do the 30 minute interval program on the bike.

Next, I'll go back to my place, hop on cam4 and chat with the fans while I make and eat my turkey burgers.  It's like my way of having lunch with you all around the world.  I may occasionally put on a little show. I'll probably just stay on for lunch then either hop on some Mortal Kombat. Or better yet, try to find ways to earn a little money.

After the afternoon activities I'll go out to the gym again, possibly with my old workout buddy if he still goes at the same time, and do whichever work out that's on the P90X schedule. Come back, eat, maybe earn some more money. If not then I'll just go out to the club.

That's basically how my life is gonna be back home.  It will be so much easier. I also need to get on trying to make appearances at the local gay clubs to earn a little more extra.  Gotta love it! When I come back I'm gonna be the best I've ever been! I don't wanna make my career into a competition, nor do I wanna make enemies.  I'm just here to be me and inspire others to live their dreams.  I'm gonna be like nothing you've ever seen.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A little bit of randomness

Yeah, so I decided to do a little show today on my own.  What can I say?  I just got horny.  It happens to all of us.

I'm hungry now...

Have I ever told y'all about Redbeard the Butt Pirate?  Well it's gonna be my first big major motion porn picture.  It's gonna be like the Pirates of the Caribbean but only better. Gonna call it The Chronicles of Redbeard the Butt Pirate. Plan on making it a trilogy. While I'm home in July I'm gonna start writing it. I plan on starting it all off with the first one being mostly funny. The next one being slightly more serious but still funny.  The last one will be a tear jerker with a little comedy. Y'all are going to love it!  It's all also gonna have something for everybody; str8, gay, bi, lesbian, fisting, s&m etc. This is going to be the best porn movie EVER!!!!  That and plus I plan to do my own porn take on Harry Potter.