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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Me Barebacking is no secret to the world!

Ok so my home BB videos have seem to turn some heads. They've brought some negative attention and some positive. I can't speak for anybody else involved, but I quit being a condom advocate a while ago. And guess what, it's no secret! 

I can't tell you how many times in the past year or two I joke (but really am being serious) with my friends about how many loads we are going to try and take. For a while, even my Twitter profile hinted it all. Plus there's the fact that I have a BBRT account, which shows right there. So why is everybody really surprised to know I bareback? And the first video was up over a month ago, where were the haters then?!

As far as business is concerned. It's true that I'm exclusive for a safe studio and putting my own home videos without using condoms may be slightly frowned upon, despite advances in modern medicine proving that as long as all medications are taken properly, bareback is just as safe, or safer, than condom sex. Should I be asked to remove the remaining videos by my studio or participants and let this blow over, I will. But I won't remove them just because people are talking crap saying how wrong me barebacking is.

In conclusion, when people tell me to "stay the same" and they "wouldn't change a thing," After 5 years, I become a bit predictable. Weren't expecting that one were you? And I do have a plan for where all this is going. Do I have to tell now? No.