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Friday, August 8, 2014


*Big ol' sigh of relief* I finally did it! That's how being a Raging Stallion/ Falcon exclusive makes me feel. I've always said that porn has been like a fitness journey for me. It make have taken 4 years to finally figure out what worked, but with some help I finally got it!

If you ask me why I wanted to get into this industry, I'd give one of two answers. First would be because I wanted to have another thing to look back and say I did for a good few rockin' years. The second is because I wanted to be accepted among the beautiful men of America. It always quite intimidating when working next to somebody like David Benjamin or Race Cooper or Boomer Banks. Seriously! These are hard acts to follow! Some guys may have started the business after me but I'm still just a kid compare to them (I promise this was not an age joke! And I love you!) So body and performance-wise, it's challenging for this dude from Little Rock... Ish... I been getting the hang of it...

But of course, with great gay body comes great...... money.... or drugs...... sometimes sex.... Sti's.... But hey who's judging as long as you keep that 6 pack good enough for camera? Sadly, that's just about how it can be in the sex industry. So you gotta find your special buddy who keeps you on the right path. Doesn't have to be a boyfriend/girlfriend, just a friend. I really prefer gym buddies but not a lot of people I know go to 24 hour. Above all else in the industry, keep your body up. Evolve and learn what's gonna work for you now than years ago. Leo Forte really taught me a ton after moving here, before as well. He taught me to look at myself differently, kept grabbing my "passion grips" till I worked them off and even had me eat a whole cheesecake on camera. Could I have stopped? Yes. Did I want to? No!! It's not often you're granted New York style cheesecake after going with no bread, alcohol, and most dairy. But I owe a lot of my success at Raging to him. He got me in the door with them by calling me to fill in for a cam show. We made some good movies together since then. But we go to different gyms. So the point of this paragraph, fitness buddies and diet!

So yeah it's been great over these past years with all the friends I've made and the help I've received in getting as far as I have. I love my life. It's because of the people in it. You're all amazing and I'll never forget these years and the years ahead in this industry and life.