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Thursday, June 18, 2015


Down in the military warehouse, Brian Bonds and Christian Lesage are eager to have some hot sloppy fun. Beautiful Brian drops to his knees to give Christian a sopping hummer. Things heat up when Christian bends over to let Brian eat his tight piggy hole. Unable to bare the urge anymore, Brian puts Christian on all fours preparing to handball his sweet ass. At first, its just a few fingers sliding in and out of Christians hole until Brian sticks his entire hand inside and punch fists his gaping hole. Christian moans while Brian reaches in and out of his ass then pulling out to flaunt the perfect rosebud for Brian to lick. Christian hasn't had enough yet so he lies on his back, legs in the air to let Brian dig deep into his bum and lick his sack. When Christian has had enough of having his own hole stretched, he shoves his fist up Brian's juicy ass pulsating in and out while he gives him a proper knob polish. Brian oozes his solid load onto Christian's fist, then feeds it to him, while Christian inserts his cum cover hand back into Brian's back door. Christian sits back and lets Brian twist and pinch his bushy nipples before expelling his cream onto his stomach.

This scene stars Christian Lesage and I. He was a lot of fun to work with and his accent was just adorable! And no I don't remember where it's from, just the feeling I got when I heard it was like a little tingle in my undercarriage! 

I love doing my fisting scenes, especially when they're with other good players in the particular fetish. Christian is a great fisting player. He has an amazing hole that produces a rosebud that I couldn't resist getting a taste of! In fact, I was able to actually suck it a little bit. Love licking and sucking me a good rosebud! And as many of you know, we can't breed each other, but there ain't nothing wrong with breeding myself, which I have been loving to do in some of my more recent scenes. I'm a cum whore, even if it's my own.
This is the movie cover. It contains a scene with my good friend, Armond Rizzo, that will later come out. So stay tuned for that one!
Look! I can top too! Lol!

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