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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Naked Kombat

Back for redemption we have muscled hunk Trey Turner taking on southern stud Brian Bonds. With Trey having the superior size, he plans on wiping the mat with his opponent before fucking him senseless. Brian on the other hand, doesn't pose Trey as a challenge. He's fast, he's squirmy and he's hungry to fuck. The two butt heads and relentlessly charge at each other to gain control, licking and stroking their way to victory. The winner starts his opponent off in a headlock before throwing him to the mat and feeding him a mouthful of cock. His tongue works up every inch of the victor's body, worshipping every drop of sweat glistening all over his muscly body. The loser gets his ass pounded into the mat before he's pinned down as the winner milks every drop of cum from his aching balls.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Pig Alley

I'm back with some more FFun with Mike Tanner as my hand puppet in this new video from Club Inferno Dungeon. He was a really fun pig to play with. Check out the VIDEO HERE

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Where you can find me

Lots of people ask where they can see my videos. Here are just a few pics and links to my profiles on each of the following sites. And thank you so much for following me and my journey in porn.

Club Inferno Dungeon

Extra Big Dicks

Falcon Studios

Fisting Central

High Performance Men

Hot House

Next Door Studios

Pride Studios

Raging Stallion

Treasure Island Media

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Together Again!

Not like relationship wise, but after a good couple years of not working together at all, Leo and I finally got to do a bareback scene together. Leo and I have a great history in which you'll see the chemistry, the connection, the passion that is the ultimate form of friendship. We've loved each other, hated each other and our relationship has transcended any connection that I've had with anybody outside of my immediate family. Here's just a little flashback through the last 7 years.
 Our first meeting and first scene together, which was his first scene to direct. I wanna say my first official gangbang. Lots of firsts happened this day
I don't remember if this was our second scene or..... yeah. But it was in the early years.

We had a lot of fun up in Seattle! There was always a great energy on set and this scene right here had the whole set crew in tears. That final tear drop as Tony put the camera down was everything!

Following that scene was a nice toe fuckin'! We like feet. Leo was so into it that as the crew was moving lights and trying to ask him something, he said "Stop interrupting my sex!"

Member when I chipped your tooth? Sometimes I'm glad it happened. Yeah you miss me every time you lick that tooth.

There were many times when I said that my first bareback scene would be with him... it wasn't. Even though we've fucked over and over off camera, this was something that was a bit more special. We said a couple times "I missed you" as he was railing me.  Not sure if it was our professional or personal selves talking. Ether way, we give the look of "This is where we are now" and we can't help but have so much love and respe... love for each other.