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Sunday, December 28, 2014

2014 in review!

What a year! So much has happened, it's sick! Once again, I took a huge leap of faith and hauled my ass to a coastal city. This time I took my wicked ass to the west!

So I finally moved out to San Francisco! After 4 long years of everybody asking why I haven't yet, I did it! It has been an amazing decision! All of the walking has slimmed me up. Raging Stallion signed me as an exclusive. And, so far, I've been holding my own studio apartment downtown!! I can't fucking believe it! This country boy went and did something! 

I've even had the honor of getting my own movie named after me!! It's called Breaking the Bond! It was a very fitting name, I'd say. You know, like breaking my ass? Get it? Lol 

And as much as I loved Howard and the Fabscout gang, I did have to end my time with them. They were amazing and carried me so far over these years. I'll never be grateful enough. 

Above all, I met some of the kindest, most awesome people of whom I am blessed to have in my life! David Benjamin has, within a short time, become like a brother to me. We always keep in touch and come to each other looking for opinions and suggestions for what we can/should do for this and that. And he has truly grown to be a fucking STAR! He really is one of America's Finest! I'm so proud of you, David! 

Then, there's Brent Corrigan. OMG! I wet myself when I learned he wanted me to be his comeback scene partner!! We connected so hard and it showed on camera. It was truly an honor working with a name like him. He's super sweet and cute as a button!! I mean sexy... Fucking hot little pig... Adorable! Lol 

Now I must say, I love my brother, Ryan Rose, but we couldn't hardly keep a straight face! Ryan, even with all his gorgeousness, and I felt a little awkward shooting together but we are professionals. It was awkward because he used to come crash on my couch when I lived in Florida. I literally treated him like family, knowing each other for about 2 years. He bruised his pelvis on my ass pounding me so hard. THATS WHAT YOU GET!! 

And guess who got to flip with Boomer Banks?... Ok yeah dumb to ask but still, I was thrilled to do it! I love you Boomer! And if I ever decide to date another Latin guy, I'm coming straight (or gaily forward) to you, my love! 

And let's not forget the orgies, dildos, flashlights and gangbangs!! I fucked a motorcycle tailpipe... 

Thank you so much to my new Brothers and to Raging Stallion/ Falcon and HotHouse for making this one of the best years of my life!! I love you all! Let's make 2015 even better!