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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Dear Florida (not the people)

Dear Florida, FUCK YOU and your damn curse that you've placed on me!! From getting sick, getting robbed, getting a cyst on my stomach, and then having to stay my birthday alone in a hotel room that smelled like piss 4 hours away from anybody because my alternator went out as soon as I got on the turnpike, you have ruined these past few months. Not only have you ruined my life on the outside, but ever since I moved into you I've felt as though my soul has been under constant attack and have not had but a small handful of nights that I'm not scared to stay awake or go to sleep.

Now, I can't do anything right. Granted that I always take full responsibility for all my actions and I never mean any harm from them, something has happened within me that has made me not think as far ahead as I normally would. All I know is during the past 2 visits, I've had to write many sorry emails. I won't go into details because you're not worth explaining them to, you piece of shit state! (Again, readers, I'm not talking about the people, but the state itself.)

The ONLY reason I stick around and put more money into you is my bf! If it weren't for him, I wouldn't even come visit you because I know something bad will happen. And now I'm prevented from ever being happy as long as I live in you. So one more time, I say FUCK YOU Florida and I hope you're the first state to go in the coming apocalypse. As long as people I know and care about get out first.

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  1. I really truly hope things get better. If it's any consolation, Florida sucked the life out of me was there with my bf and NOTHING went right. It is like a lost my senses, motivation and confidence. I am back home in Chicago where I belong and my life is finally coming back to me after a year and half.

    Hang in the bro...something has got to give.

    Be well,


    If you ever need anything