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Monday, May 16, 2011

The Gamer Side of Porn

Now that I've shown y'all just a little of what I can do in my cam shows, I'd really like to let you know a little of what I plan to do in the future.

First let me start off saying that I basically grew up playing video games.  Every time my parents needed me to be occupied or to stay out of the kitchen or whatever they pretty much just put me down in front of the tv and had me pick up the controller.  In a way the game was pretty much my babysitter. I always loved the fighting games... not all of them though.  I wasn't too big on Tekken or Killer Instinct.  I was always a Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter fan.

I could probably tell you just about everything there is to know about MK.  From the story of the first to the last days of Armageddon.  I think what really attracted me to it was, in the first game, Raiden.  When it first came out they spelled it Rayden.  Ah well either way he was bad ass.  Then the second one came out with the two hottest bitches to EVER sweep the video game world, Kitana and Mileena.  Really, it was the weapons they used.  I've never seen anything like those big as fans that could decapitate somebody.  Also, the sai daggers. I, again, have never seen anything like them and thought to myself "I want some of those so bad."

Well, to make a long story short, I pretty much lived my life up until about August being a hardcore gamer.  Now, I'll admit that when a good game comes out or something that I've been excited about comes out then I do switch into gamer mode and make sure I get it. Now that I have gone from "gamer geek" to adult model, I really want to bring a lot of elements that have made me who I am into my work.  Along with that I may even buy some products such as Timoteos and Fort Troff toys and just have somebody take pics with my own little twist.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not looking to completely change the way the porn industry works. However, I do plan to make a HELL of an impact and make sure people have a new found respect for one of my favorite pass times. Like I always say, I'm gonna be the hottest gamer geek out of Arkansas to hit the porn industry. Before my first year is over I will be known by thousands.

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