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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Ass of Steel

You know when you have met, made out with and have had some serious sexual tension between two people that's been building up for a bit?  Dylan Strokes and I so had that in the first scene of Club Inferno Dungeon's Ass of Steel.  Click the pics for a preview and click here to use BONDS50 for a half off viewing!

Featuring: Brian Bonds, Dylan Strokes

Containing: Fisting, Oral Sex, Bondage, Uncut, Tattoos, Cumshot, Jockstrap

How it goes: Sexy Southern cock whore and super pig Brian Bonds is excited by huge dicked, bearded and smooth bodied Dylan Strokes, has his meat hanging out of his leather jock strap. Skipping the foreplay, they make out for only moments before Brian is on Dylan's cock. As loads of spit a globs of saliva stream down Dylan's cock, he starts to toy with Brian's ass smacking it and fingering it. Brian urges Dylan to eat his ass hard and wet and get it ready for Dylan's fist. It's not long before Dylan gloves and lubes up and starts by adding digit by digit until his full hand is in. Brian is a pro fisting bottom to rival all fisting bottoms, and his ass quickly accepts Dylan's entire fist, and Brian pushes his hungry hole back on both Dylan's hands. The deep strokes have Brian hard as a rock and on his back. Dylan's standing, stroking himself with one hand and with the other firmly planted in Brian's hot greedy center. Dylan bends over to blow Brian while he fists his hole with rapid jabs until Brian spurts multiple streams of cum that send Dylan over the edge, spraying a load right at the camera.

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