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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Breaking the Bond

I am so incredibly, undeniably, humbly excited to actually have my own movie! It's one thing to have become a Raging Stallion Exclusive, but to have a movie named after me is as big as my hole... At the end of the scenes. I still snap back after an hour! Lol! So let's break this down! 

Shawn Wolfe; never met the guy, but we had a damn good time in this scene. This was basically a fisting narrative scene. We not only connected with each other, but with the audience as well. We wanted to involve you and talk to you while he was scavenging through the deep abyss of my ass. This was a sexy, fun scene that we hope you all enjoy and can feel a part of. 

Not much to say about Andrew Stark other than GIGGITY! The picture above was most likely taken while we weren't paying attention to the camera. You can definitely sense a great connection (other than his fist in my butt) in this scene, despite this being our first time meeting. Hot guy, great guy and I hope to work with him again soon!

Boomer! Boomer! BOOMer!! Wanna talk about a wet dream come true? Just watch this scene and you'll see it's like the Disney of this fisting feature! I fucking love this guy! Most know him for his Titan sized schlong (which feels amazing, don't get me wrong) but he knows how to use his other perfectly sized limbs to please a willing hole. This scene captures not only great fisting, but a fire between two close friends, now closer! During the photos, we were each sitting on the side fighting to hold ourselves back. And when it came time for breaks... There weren't any!

Lastly, I have to say a BIG thank you to Chris Ward! This movie was such an honor to make. It was also an honor to be under your direction. You are an amazing artist and director. You made shooting this so incredibly easy and comfortable. I can't wait till we work together again. So BIG SHOUT OUT to you, the models and the entire production crew who worked on this film! Thank you so much with all the love in the world!

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