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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Answering the BIG QUESTION!

So there have been many people online, in person, or during my cam shows asking me "would you ever go bareback on camera?" It is a question that all gay stars face at one point in their career. It is a huge decision to be a part of the "unsafe" side of gay porn. The question for myself has been "Am I a hypocrite by not doing it?" 

Let's all face it the fact that at one point, or many points, in time, we have ducked or been fucked without a condom. And don't you fucking DARE say you didn't enjoy it. Speaking of what happens off camera, I've had plenty of times in which I've gone online looking for a crazy wild condomless time. Most of the time, I just jack off at the pics and sign off and temptation is gone. But there are still the times in which I've not been as strong against the temptation. I've done things that people may or may not have guessed at houses, hotels or bath houses. I've come back home ashamed of some of these times and scared shitless for the next 3 months. I've been beyond blessed to have come out fine so far. However I'm still in a window time and yes, I'm nervous.

Now let's talk about on camera. I have never done a bareback scene in my 3.5 years of being in porn. I've seen many studios either open the option or completely change to bareback. It is a very popular market. On set, the models are not stupid enough to ever purposely go onto a bareback set either untested or untreated. Gay porn has always been like a brotherhood to me and to do that would be the upmost disrespect or irresponsible action anybody could do. If somebody was to do that, most likely he'd be blacklisted, or at least I hope he would be. Nevertheless, we all take care of each other and make sure all precautions are taken into consideration.

Being a condom only actor raises a little bit of pressure, especially with those certain off camera times. I see people I've talked to and work with do a scene or two bareback and to be honest, I'm jealous as fuck! Who hasn't watched Antonio Biaggi and and wished he'd use his cum as fisting lube for your ass? In my experience, I feel my sexual tension for that kind of play rise. If I can't do it on set, then I'll either angrily masturbate to such a thought or so seek it out anywhere I can find it. That is tension I could release in a more controlled professional environment, where we all know each other and take care of each other.

So now, back to the question from before, would I ever do bareback porn? I'll answer by asking you, my friends, fans and agent, who's hands do you trust me in? Do you trust the professionals at the studios? Or do you trust the partiers online or at sex clubs? To give you a simple answer, I just don't know. I am an entertainer. I do my job for you and put you to bed at night. Please give me your insight on where I should take my career starting 2014 after I'm done with this break. Until then, I'll keep on doing what I am doing for now. 

Thank you all and much love!!


  1. I love you Brian and wanna see you for many years to come so i say use the condoms, it's never wrong to just be on the safe side, but i will stand behind you in whatever you decide

  2. You've already done straight porn so, truthfully, it doesn't seem as though doing bareback would really constitute jumping off the deep end. If anything makes you seem like a hypocrite, it would be you talking about gay pride and self love and acceptance, but then going and fucking women at Divine Bitches. What's the point? I think it shows that you don't really look at your porn artistically or with any pride, or as a foundation/brand to be built upon or trusted by fans, or else you wouldn't have done straight porn. So if you bareback in your personal life, then doing it on camera would be being true to yourself. No harm in that. And I didn't mean it to sound harsh but I just don't understand why you chose to do that scene. Especially if you identify as gay, which I suspect you don't. I was a fan until that. You disappointed enough fans with that scene, so really I don't think you could do any more damage by going bareback. At least you would be being true to yourself. So I say go for it.